School Council

At Woodlands School the voice of the children is important and so we have a School Council. The School Council is made up of a representative from each class. Their aim is to represent all pupils with a view to positive change. They help everyone to make decisions to make the school better and also help to look after the school and the equipment in it.

The Assistant Headteacher, Julie Charnock, is  working with the School Council to help us attain the Rights Respecting Schools Award from UNICEF.

We have a board in school so that all staff and pupils know who the school council members are. Our new school council members have been elected this term and are settling into the routines of the meetings. Each class throughout school share the minutes of the meetings and they pass back new ideas, concerns, and school matters to the Council.

Our school council representatives are:             

  • Lauren Cooper
  • Mitchell Turner                      
  • Blake Walton                                          
  • Courtney Eggleston                              
  • Paris Atkinson                       
  • Oscar Correy         

School Council Minutes