Our Staff Team

Woodlands School is committed to a team approach in meeting all our learners’ needs. Our specialist and experienced staff work together with our multi-agency teams, including educational psychologist, psychotherapists, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, doctors and nurses.

These teams work seamlessly with our staff to enable all learners to access the curriculum as fully as possible with as little time loss as possible.


School Leadership Team

Headteacher - Karen Haworth

Deputy Headteacher - Sarah Peachey

School Business Manager - Toni Fairholm


Teaching Team

Carly Aspden

Natalie Cairns

Julie Charnock 

Emma Craig

Paul Davison

Sandra Gilchrist

Aimee Green 

Kathryn Kershaw

Hannah Macleod

Joanne McConnell

Carolyn Mills

Hannah Parkinson

Nicola Wynn


Teaching Assistant Team

Ashleigh Alcock

Claire Ayres

Nicola Baker

Fiona Bebbington

Leeann Binns

Cath Boyle

Claudia Bradbury

Karen Brown

Kath Brown

Tracey Bushell

Charlie Cheese

Nichol Cooper

Caroline Cooke

Mary Currey

Tina Daila

Lisa Dawson

Alison Denton

Rebecca Dennett

Diane Fenwick

Ashlea Ellis

Eve Ellison

Adele Feehan

Jessica Gray

Luis Gray

Lucy Guy

Danielle Hackwood

Val Hague

Rebecca Harrison

Linda Holland

Steph Hopes

Lynda Inglis

Marta Jaszczyk

Melissa Joyce

Julie Kirkham

Tim Kirton

Beth Longstaff

Hanna Mullen

Sarah Oakley

Alex Quarmby

Stacey Rooke

Mel Savage

Mandy Seeley

Kirsty Shepherd

Lindsay Smith

Chelsea Taylor

Lauren Turner

Jody Wade-Stevenson

Beverley Walch

Charlotte Weber

Gina Whiteley

Suzanne Whitney

Leah Woods

Rachel Wilkinson


Administrative Team

Hayley Holliday

Georgia Wharrier 


Site Supervisor

Andy Cox


Welfare Staff Team

Sami Amos

Kathryn Cullinane

Nicola Dowling

Hayley Gilbertson

Julia Heyes

Mandy Prescott

Jacqui Vernon

Mandy Prescott