Woodlands School


On 9th October 2018, we had a short OFSTED inspection, and are very pleased and proud that OFSTED recognised the progress and achievements that our pupils are making, and also all the developments since our last inspection.

It was clear to the Inspectors that:

·Staff know and understand the complex needs of our pupils.

·Staff have developed a bespoke curriculum for each individual pupil, and skillfully design activities to meet the needs and interests of the pupils.

·Time is used efficiently to maximise learning opportunities for pupils              

·Skilled support staff are deployed well to maximise learning opportunities for pupils.

·Detailed evidence of learning is gathered using the app on iPads; evidence is used to inform the next steps in pupils’ learning

·Our detailed assessment information is strong, and it shows clearly that pupils are making progress from their individualised starting points

·Pupils are calm, focused and engaged in their learning.

·Pupils thrive in the nurturing atmosphere promoted within the school.

·Safeguarding procedures are clearly understood by staff and are followed diligently.


Please click on the link below to read the final report from our most recent Ofsted inspection which I hope you will enjoy reading.

Ofsted report 2018