Woodlands School


Woodlands School promotes the pupil’s right to three fundamental principals, which pervade its belief in Inclusive Education. These are:

  • Human rights – all pupils have the right to learn and play and should not be devalued or discriminated against because of their disability or learning difficulties.
  • Good Education – all pupils have the right to a “broad and balanced curriculum”, differentiated to meet their individual needs and presented in a positive and vibrant environment alongside their peers.
  • Opportunities for Social Development - all children have the right to an education that will enable them to develop relationships and prepare them for life in the mainstream.

Woodlands School, as an inclusive school, strives to reflect the following characteristics:

  • Community based – as an inclusive school our population is diverse, reflecting a wide range of special educational needs including physical, medical, emotional social and educational needs. We welcome pupils with associated learning difficulties and additional sensory impairments. The school makes full use of the facilities within the local and wider community to enrich the curriculum as well as the life experiences of all our pupils.
  • Accessibility – as an inclusive school Woodlands School is physically accessible to all its members and educationally accessible to all pupils. It offers a differentiated curriculum tailored to individual needs and backed up by a support system of Teaching Assistants, some of whom have been trained to support pupils with physical disabilities.
  • Collaboration – as an inclusive school we work with a wide range of agencies, special and mainstream schools and fellow professionals. These include medical personnel, peripatetic agencies and partner/link schools.
  • Equality – as an inclusive school we embrace a democratic system where all members have rights and responsibilities and the same opportunity to benefit from, and take part in, the education provided by the school both within and beyond our premises.