Woodlands School

Friends Association

The activities of the Friends Association make a real difference to what we can provide for our children and young people. It is made up of parents, staff and friends so as a parent at Woodlands you are automatically a member of the school’s Friends Association.

Anyone with a connection to the school is also very welcome e.g. Grandparents or Childminders.  The Association is dedicated to running events to raise the much needed funds that are used to provide resources and experiences for the children and community here at Woodlands.

The Association cannot run without your help and support.  We meet once a term at least and with the exception of the AGM, our meetings are very informal and held in the school meeting room.  It’s the ideal way to meet other parents and to get involved in the school.  We are always eager to encourage new parents to attend meetings and are open to new ideas.  You can get involved, as little or as much as you like so if you have an active interest in contributing to your child’s school, why not give it a try? 

Of course, the children at school reap the rewards of all the success that the Friends of Woodlands achieves but, equally, it’s a great way for school families and the community as a whole to get together on a social level – we do aim to have fun in amongst the work.


Monies are raised through various events throughout the school year.   All monies raised from our events go straight into the  funds for the school.  

We are always looking for new members or volunteers to help out at its events.  If you would like to get involved, please come along to the next meeting.

What the funds pay for

The Friends Association raises much needed funds that are used to buy extras to enhance the children and young people’s time in school.  Without the Friends Association funds the school and consequently the children would simply do without.  This year we are fundraising for a soft play space in school.


All our events are advertised in the schools newsletter and on the flyers we send from school.

Chair of Friends Association- Charlotte Weber