Woodlands School

Form: Medication in School - Permission to Give

Medication in School

Our schools medicine policy is currently being reviewed and some adjustments have been made. 


  • All medication sent into school must have the prescription label on the box/bottle. This should include your child’s name, the prescribed dose, number of times required daily and an in-date | expiry date.


  • A “Permission to Give” form should be completed for each medication.

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How is this medication taken?



  • A paper copy can be sent home. Please call the school office to request it. Parents/guardian’s must complete this form and return it to school with the appropriate medication. If the permission to give document is not completed the medication cannot be administered. Staff members require this document to safely administer your child’s medication. If your child attends school without a permission to give, a staff member will contact you to bring in this document, or to collect your child. The permission to give will allow the staff member to write up the medication safely and as instructed by parents/guardians.


  • It is parent/guardians’ responsibility to ensure the “Permission to Give” is filled out to the best of their knowledge and must match the prescription on the medication – Staff cannot administer medication if there is a discrepancy between the permission to give and the medication provided.


  • A new “Permission to Give” form must accompany every new bottle/box of medication sent into school. This is safe practice as it ensures any changes in doses are documented and noted


  • All medication coming into school must be handed directly to the transport passenger assistant. Please refrain from putting your child’s medication in their school bag .When the medication is received from transport a member of staff will sign in the medication and ensure it is kept in a safe place as identified by the school nursing team and senior management.


  • If your child has received rescue/as required medication prior to attending school, it is parents/guardians’ responsibility to inform a member of staff. Equally if your child receives any additional medications in school time, school staff will inform parents in a timely manner.


  • Please can we politely remind parents, the only medication which should be administered in school hours are those which are prescribed four times a day, rescue medications and three times a day medications which are prescribed by the GP for a set time and have been considered ‘exceptional’ by the school nursing team. All other three times a day medication should be administered before and after school by parents. It is best to keep medication handling within school at a minimum.


  • Due to Covid19 we are not administering Paracetamol during school hours for symptoms of feeling unwell or high temperature. This is to ensure no symptoms of Covid19 are masked by the effect of Paracetamol. If your child presents as unwell in the school day, school staff will contact parents/guardians to collect their child. Equally, in accordance with current government guidance, if your child presents with a persistent cough or temperature at home we ask that you do not bring your child to school.


  • Should your child require Paracetamol for pain management however, this should be discussed with the School Nursing team.