Woodlands School


At Woodlands we like to celebrate the fantastic
achievements of our wonderful students!

Star of the Week

Each week a student is nominated within each class for Star of the Week by the class staff Team and is celebrated each Friday in our whole school assembly. Students are awarded a certificate for their achievement. Students are nominated for the ‘WOW’ moments.

Headteachers Award

A student is nominated each half term by the Headteacher and is celebrated in the Head teacher’s whole school Achievement assembly on the last day of every half term. The Headteacher selects one student who had gained a Star of the Week from that particular half term. Students are awarded a certificate and a medal.

Headteacher Postcard and Sticker

Students are given a Headteachers sticker and a postcard is sent home to parents for students who achieve above and beyond. They come to the Headteacher's office for their sticker. These are awarded throughout the year.

House Points

We have 4 houses here at Woodlands: Tram, Beach, Pier and Tower. Every student is in house and has their own house point card. Each time a student is awarded a house point, their house point card is stamped. Each card holds 10 stamps, and once the card is full they go to the office and receive a new card and a token. The token is placed in our token machine and the house with the most tokens is the overall winner at the end of the year. We have House Days throughout the year where students can earn extra house points.

Reading Vending Machine

This is one of our new initiatives here at Woodlands. Students are enjoying engaging with our new reading scheme. Students are given a token for the vending machine and are able to select one of their favourite reading books. Students receive a token for a variety of reasons which demonstrate their achievement.