Welcome to Westbury Sixth Form

Westbury Sixth Form provides pupils with the opportunities to develop the functionality and independence they need to successfully take their next steps into adult life. At different levels, appropriate to individual needs, staff work in partnership with families and pupils to provide experiences to enhance understanding and future life chances. Through the curriculum, residential experiences, communication challenges, work related learning and life skills, pupils apply their knowledge and skills to build confidence, efficacy and understanding for the future.

Each year the pupils choose the topics they would like to study from the options available. E.g. Animal Care, Music Art Dance and Drama, Independent Living Skills, Catering and Hospitality, Horticulture.

Through these topics pupils will be introduced to a range of ASDAN (Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network) accreditations and qualifications. These will be based around developing independent living skills, developing transferable life skills and making choices.

The ASDAN programmes we select our modules from include:

  • Personal Progress
  • PSD
  • Employability
  • Workright

ASDAN is an approved awarding body offering a number of programmes and qualifications to develop life skills. All ASDAN programmes have national credibility, are externally moderated and are recognised by the Department for Education and Skills. 

Many ASDAN programmes and qualifications are suitable for a wide range of abilities but the programmes offered at Woodlands are specifically designed to meet the needs of the pupils with severe or profound and multiple learning difficulties.

The ASDAN programmes offer formal recognition for small steps achieved towards a larger goal, as each module can be used separately and accumulated to build up a record of personal achievement

A range of work experience opportunities are available which include careers teaching on applications, interviews and accessing appropriate work placements throughout the school site. Pupils are provided with positive experiences to help them identify their strengths and capabilities. Advice and guidance support pupils to explore options for the future and develop clear, realistic plans for their future. Appropriate real world experiences such as residential visits and work related learning are included within the curriculum.

The Sixth Form curriculum will also focus on functional English and functional Mathematics.

The English curriculum is based around functional skills and functional reading. This involves practical activities in everyday life and reading material for a purpose such as menus, instructions, timetables, recipes, magazines and newspapers. Writing could involve completing forms or making posters to advertise events. Communication will be the main focus of the English curriculum, giving our pupils a voice and the ability to make informed choices.

The Mathematics curriculum develops practical skills such as counting, number recognition, money and time in a range of situations and in a variety of settings.

Outcomes July 2018

Asdan Personal Progress 

2 x Awards

6 x Certificates

Asdan PSD

2 x Entry Level 1

Asdan Employability

1 x Entry Level 2

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