This is a programme which enables children and adults with physical disabilities and/or complex needs to improve their skills in independent sitting, standing, walking and transferring whilst working on their own personal and functional goals to reach their full potential. The MOVE Programme not only increases independent mobility, it also supports the development of cognitive and communication skills and improves health and social inclusion.

Many of the Woodlands staff are trained as MOVE Practitioners, and the school is fortunate to have one teacher who is a  MOVE Trainer, helping us keep up to date with recent programme developments.

Key pupils are targeted via progress reviews to be assessed for suitability for MOVE, and this is also reconsidered as they move through the school, particularly if they have a degenerative condition for which MOVE might be helpful in maintaining skills for as long as possible.  One key element of the process is the 'shared goal setting' that starts with the wishes/needs of the youngster and their family/carers. 

Please look at the MOVE website by clicking the picture above for more information. Alternatively, our MOVE Trainer would be happy to discuss the programme with you.