The Woodlands Curriculum

Our curriculum is based on extensive research and examples of outstanding practice from similar schools throughout Britain. It is skill and context based and encourages active engagement in learning for all pupils. The curriculum encompasses our core learning values of independence and interdependence where learning for life is fun. It focuses on developing the key skills of communication, cognition, independence, physical development and self-care. These are all transferable skills that will equip our young people for life beyond school.

Our curriculum is enhanced by exceptional care, support and guidance delivered in a safe and nurturing environment.

Our curriculum strives to be responsive to each pupil, building on individual strengths, interests and learning styles.

We strive to develop stimulating learning environments outside the confines of the classroom, promoting learning through positive outdoor experiences and play.

Children aged 3-6 follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

Pupils aged 6 – 16 years access our own curriculum, which has its own alternative curriculum areas each designed to support the overall development of our learners. At Woodlands, we plan opportunities for more bespoke learning journeys to bring enhanced personalisation; rather than the need to “fit” into a set curriculum, we strive for our learners to access a “blended” curriculum experience, which is unique to them.

A flexible thematic plan supports a balance of stimulating contexts up to the end of Key Stage 3.

At Key Stage 4 and Post 16, students prepare for external accreditation within the Asdan Foundation Learning and preparatory programmes. These include Personal Progress; Towards Independence; Transition Challenge and Personal and Social Development.



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