School Charters


We seek and follow the key values outlined in the Woodlands TRAIL in all that we think and do:

Adults and children alike learn TOGETHER

We seek to RAISE our game, make the best possible progress; both within ourselves and for each child

We agree shared ASPIRATIONAL goals for each other and every child

We challenge each other and the children to become as INDEPENDENT as possible in developing skills and knowledge

The ability to keep learning and growing is a LIFELONG commitment

We agree that our core measure of success is the quality of the LEARNING experience (all formal and informal learning is fun and valuable)


Student Charter

* See me as a person, not my disability *

* Allow me dignity and respect *

* Allow me privacy *

* Value me as a unique individual acknowledging my strengths as well as my needs *

* Introduce visitors to me *

* Involve me in conversations; give me time to answer or respond even if it takes me a long time or I am difficult to understand *

* Use my name when you talk to me *

* Don’t talk about me as if I wasn’t there *

* Understand that I have the right to make a choice, and give me the opportunity to do so *

* Let me know what is going to happen, rather than it just happening to me *

*Involve me in decisions that affect me *

* Enable me to give my views and preferences *

* Fully acknowledge my parents/guardians in planning for my needs, and acknowledge them as most responsible for me *

* Sometimes my behaviour is hard to understand. Try to support me to make good choices about how I behave towards others *