School Improvement Planning

Each year we produce a School Improvement Plan (SIP) which identifies how we can further improve and develop the work of the school, how we will manage change, and how we can make best use of resources and new opportunities available to us.  Our most recent SIP can be downloaded below.

School Priorities 2019 -2020

Outcomes for pupils

  • For all pupils to reach their potential across all identified areas of learning and development, through a comprehensive toolkit of detailed assessment, target setting and targeted intervention
  • Personalised EHCP Outcomes

Teaching, Learning and Assessment

  • To provide outstanding curriculum provision using a personalised approach to maximise learning opportunities and provide pupils with relevant skills for life
  • For the school to make continued effective use of pupil data to set challenging targets in relation to each pupils’ progress and attainment

Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare

  • To ensure pupils’ are happy, safe and ready for learning through a comprehensive and personalised programme to address their needs, provided by a multi-disciplinary pupil centred approach
  • To further develop Woodlands role in the local community and to strengthen communication with parents and carers

Leadership and Management

  • To sustain the capacity to improve
  • To further develop the schools environment to ensure all pupils meet their potential through creation of optimum conditions for learning
  • To effectively manage resources in order to maximise impact

School Improvement