At Woodlands School we are able to use newsletters, text messaging, Twitter and Facebookand g to communicate school news, updates, reminders, invites to events and other important information!

We understand the importance of working in partnership with the families of our children to ensure that each child receives the best education that the school can offer. This system will help us to keep you informed at all times so that together we can offer the best support for your child.

From time to time you will receive a text message from the school. Please be assured that this service is FREE to you as the recipient of the text message and e-mail   Notifications will include:

  • School closures
  • Event reminders
  • Emergency contact 

Please note this system is only effective if you keep the office up to date with numbers and e-mail addresses.  You must ensure that you regularly check your e-mails so important messages are not missed.

If you register, but do not receive any texts or e-mails, please ensure you let the school office know.


Pupil Progress Meetings

You will recieve an invite to come in to school and discuss your child's progress with their class teacher every term. The invites are sent out by email, mobile and in your child's diary. This is an opportunity to see your child's work and give your views on the targets set out in their Personal Learning Intention Maps (PLIMS) and to share ideas about how you can support their learning at home.


Annual Reviews

Your child's statement or Educational Health and Care Plan is reviewed every year to make sure that that it is correct and still meets their needs. The reviews are held in school and invites are sent out at least 6 weeks in advance. We also invite other people involved with your child to the review; this can include physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists and respite providers. Please let us know if there is anyone else who works or lives with your child who you think it would be beneificial to invite.

The meeting is also an opportunity for us to share information we use in school to support your child, this can include One Page Profiles, Persoanl Care Plans, Behaviour Support Plans, Feeding Plans, Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans and Moving and Handling Plans. 


Termly Updates

You will recieve an upate on your child's Personal Learning Intention Map every term. It is important that you give your views on these outcomes and let us know if there is anything you think is important for your child that could be included on them.