Woodlands School


Therapy Dog

Frankie is our therapy dog. 

He is a Yorkipoo -  half Yorkshire terrier and half poodle!


Research shows that a therapy dog can promote social, cognitive, emotional and physical benefits to students as well as providing a lot of joy!  Frankie hasn't yet started his formal training but we think he is going to be a great addition to our Woodlands team!  He is very confident, lovable and completely people oriented. He is highly intelligent and has been really easy to train so far.  He loves to play, especially with children.  Nothing phases him when it comes to meeting other people or dogs.  He is currently learning recall and basic commands and will be starting his training sessions on Friday 12th January 2023.


Facts about Frankie!

  • Frankie was born on Oct 2nd 2022
  • He has 3 sisters (all black)
  • His mum and dad are also Yorkipoos
  • He lives in Lytham with Sarah, her husband and her 3 daughters
  • He is super playful and very confident (despite his size!)
  • He loves cuddles and his toys - especially his little lion
  • He is very people orientated and loves to play with children
  • He has his fur and teeth brushed every day which he is very good at!
  • He is not quite sure about having a bath yet!
  • His best friend is Molly but he does like to boss her around and steal her toys!


Yorkipoo: Lively, affectionate, and friendly!