Woodlands School

Other Professionals

Speech and Language Therapy

The Speech and Language Therapists work with students to identify individual targets to develop key communication skills, and identify activities and resources that staff can use in class.  Where needed, SLTs work with students in the classroom to demonstrate activities to staff.

They also deliver formal training to staff to teach them different therapy techniques and help staff integrate opportunities for communication in daily life at school.

The SLT team are in school weekly but only see students when needed or for a review / report. However, the class teams are all trained to deliver Speech and Language Therapy throughout the day.


The physiotherapy service at Woodlands is provided by Blackpool Teaching Hospitals. Pupils who are under the physiotherapy team have access to:

  • Instruction in appropriate positioning, exercise or physical activity to be integrated into the school day and/or for use at home.
  • Mobility advise and supply of appropriate equipment.
  • Continuing advice and training for staff.
  • Liaison with parents/carers at school, home visits, respite care homes (as appropriate).
  • Referral to other professionals or multidisciplinary team working with other health care professionals on site.
  • Attendance or reporting at reviews, as appropriate.

Pupils who are not currently under the physiotherapy service whom school staff or parents/carers feel there is a physical need, a referral can be completed by their GP, Paediatrician or other Health Care Professional.

Contact details

St. Annes Primary Care Centre

Durham Avenue

Lytham St Annes



Tel: 01253 951101

Occupational Therapy

The Occupational Therapy team work in partnership with student’s families or teachers within the child’s home or school community.  They provide assessments and where appropriate therapy to improve specific problems or difficulties using play and other therapeutic activities.  They can also help with equipment for use at home or in school.

Home School Transport

Home school transport is organised through the Local Authority. Pupils are supported by passenger assistants when travelling to and from school.

Please let transport know whenever your child is not able to attend school or any other time you do not need transport, for example if you bring your child into school or pick up your child yourself directly from school.

School Nursing Service

The school nursing team works closely with school staff and parents/carers to ensure students reach their full potential regardless of their individual health needs. They provide full medical training to all of our staff to ensure that class teams are trained to administer medication and deal with any medical incidents that arise i.e. Seizures.


We work closely with the paediatricians allocated to our students and are in regular contact if we have any concerns.  Most clinics will be held in school and are arranged by the NHS school nursing team.